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    What is Baidu SEO?

    My SEO efforts begin by discussing to potential customers what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is and how it works. Increase the quality and quantity of the traffic generated by your website by making a website or a web page more visible to web search engine users. Search engine optimization or SEO is the method of improving the quality as well as quantity of website traffic. In search engine optimization, the improvement of unpaid results which is also known as "natural" or "organic" results is emphasized above the acquisition of direct traffic or visitors, as well as the purchase of paid placements.

    I then go through the necessity of an SEO campaign as one of the cornerstones of their digital marketing strategy with them, and they seem to understand. First and foremost, even Google acknowledges that SEO is essential and that you "MIGHT" consider hiring an SEO professional for your company.

    In order to be successful in Search Engine Optimization, we must first understand and then provide excellent service to the two entities we are helping to run: the user or searcher and then Google. With regard to the user, you want to be interested in what the user is searching for and do you provide the best content, and you want to ensure that you are providing the finest material for what that individual is searching for. It is our goal to produce the greatest page possible for someone, one that is relevant to what they are searching for, where they are situated (if applicable), and is written in the most straightforward and understandable manner for the user to read and interpret it.

    On-Page SEO Example for Baidu Los Angeles

    1Meta Description & Title Tag

    As you can see from the homepage's headline, they've included the keywords "Baidu" as well as "Los Angeles."

    Similarly, you can notice how Google bolded significant terms such as "Baidu" and "Los Angeles" in the caption.”

    medical seo - pediatrician los angeles

    2On-Page Content

    On the page proper, count the number of headers and the number of times "Baidu" and "Los Angeles" appear in the phrase, text, images, or videos. It is precisely because of this sort of on-page keyword use that Google begins to understand what this page is really about as well as what it is relevant for.

    3In General, Useful Content Regarding The Keyword

    The objective is to communicate to Google not only what a page is about, but also to the viewer the importance of that certain site on the internet for that term.

    This is when videos, images, material about the doctor as well as his or her credentials, testimonials, and samples of the doctor's work become desirable.

    If you were a person looking for a Baidu in Los Angeles, California, what information would you like to see on a website that would entice you to phone or contact them?

    medical seo - pediatrician los angeles

    Off Page SEO Example for Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles

    Nazarian Plastic Surgery is a good website but you can see they have over 1500 backlinks and they are getting quite a bit of organic traffic from the keywords their website ranked.

    So you can draw a correlation - the more backlinks that a site has, the more organic keywords they rank for and then the more organic traffic that site gets.

    That’s really the basis of this entire conversation regarding external press, backlinks or off page SEO. It’s supposed to be a driving vehicle that helps lift the keywords after you do create specific pages targeting services and these “lifted” keywords or higher visibility keyword ranking pages are supposed to have more people be able to find your page and go to your site.

    With Nazarian, she is clearly a very prominent surgeon as a few of the links I see from her are from very reputable sites like Forbes, Glamour and Fashionista. She’s being listed on very good sites with her homepage being listed as the backlink URL.

    The takeaway from this is the external press that is very reputable is lifting the trust on her site and directly supporting her homepage; her homepage is targeting content about “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon” and her site is ranking well for “Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon” and “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon”.

    This is how a good SEO campaign in the plastic surgeon space happens.

    Here is a breakdown of the SEO process:

    plastic surgeon marketing agency

    So What Are You Going to Do?

    Please keep in mind that the Baidu specialty and geographic region are considered as the greatest matches for your Keyword and location, respectively. This is the stage at which the search engine optimization campaign commences.

    The overall goal of Baidu's SEO strategy is to make Google take notice of and feel that you are something extremely relevant to the good or service that you are delivering on a global scale as well as why Google should consider your business to be the best candidate for that something along with what precisely is it.

    In order to improve my Baidu SEO Consultant score, one of the first things that I do is to make a Google My Business profile and this already includes my information regarding who I am, what are the services that I do, or products that I sell, and my business location. With this information, Google will now be able to recognize that I am an existing entity and that I provide a service and is highly essential to those who are around Koreatown or wherever it is.

    We begin by examining your company, its location, the price structure you use whether it is for services or commodities, the market environment, and the conversion points that you have identified like are people going to purchase, rent, or opt in to what you are offering them. In order for Google to grasp about your identity, what you do, as well as why you are significant, we must first identify WHAT we can do to position ourselves in a new way.

    Baidu SEO Techniques

    My Baidu SEO techniques are tailored to your unique Baidu or healthcare specialty. You can see my tactics in action on my Los Angeles SEO as well as New York SEO pages, which now rank and generate the majority of my company leads.


    • Beginning with the fact that competitiveness in the Baidu sector and Baidu SEO is quite strong, several practices have turned to Baidu SEO firms or even other online marketers to help them grow their presence online in an organized and systematic manner. Therefore, there will be no easy, off-the-market, or white-label remedy that will function miraculously.

    • Secondly, each niche, term, business, or area is unique, and each requires a unique mix of variables in order to be a success in search marketing. Every aspect of the Baidu service you provide, as well as the area in where it is situated, as well as the competitiveness of that place, are different from one another.

    • It is important to note that the amount of content, keyword usage, videos, photos, or anything else is included on a site will vary by area since Google will assign distinct criteria for a certain term in a specific place based on the geography.

    • Content, service, and reputation will be considerably more competitive for stuff like "Healthcare Insurance" than for perhaps "Medical Checkup without Insurance," therefore you should prepare to put in much more effort for anything like "Healthcare Insurance."

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      Baidu SEO Process Example with my Los Angeles SEO Consultant Ranking

      You can consider the term that I am now currently ranking wherein you can see that its current rank is #5 and my objective is to raise the rank to become #1, which you can see that we have already reached the top of the search results for "Baidu SEO Consultant."

      With a lot of keywords to try on, I decided to give this keyword a go signal after having conducted keyword research and after considering which of the choices were of the most promising quality in terms of short and long term use as this was something that I have started with the site for 6 months already. Thus, “Baidu SEO Consultant” is the keyword that I chose because it already contains the phrase “Baidu SEO” thereby allowing me to hit two keywords at the same time.

      In the image, you can see that the keyword “Baidu SEO” is getting more searches as compared to “Baidu SEO Consultant”, however, personally, I prefer “Baidu SEO Consultant” as this has a higher search purpose for someone who is going to be interested with my services taking into account the keyword difficulty or KD which is measured on a scale of zero to one hundred, which indicated an increase in difficulty as the number increases.

      Review of SEO Keyword Examples

      My personal recommendation is to use a tool named Page Optimizer Pro to examine the 100 best sites for a particular keyword and discover which features or factors are being considered.

      Website analysis is enhanced by the monitoring of 880 components on a website by Page Optimizer Pro, which identifies which features are connected with aiding someone in attaining a high search position on Google.

      By making On-Page SEO more apparent and quantifiable, it becomes possible to make very obvious On-Page adjustments such as adding text, images, or header tags including keywords to be much more on target with the high-ranking sites.

      Baidu's SEO Expansion

      Our SEO strategy will now be applied by implementing On-Page SEO changes to each individual page item by item. Following completion of the deployment, I index the site in Google Search Console (GSC) to alert Google of my new page and then allow it to its own devices and processes to continue working.

      In this section, we'll explore what else we could do to enhance the overall rating of our page.

      Monitoring Our Baidu SEO Performance

      Right now, the emphasis is on reducing the deficit. Employing off-page SEO or conducting adverts to indicate good user behavior will assist in increasing rankings and generating more leads if there are some ranking gaps. While this is taking place, Google My Business SEO activities such as integrating local citations and providing content that is of high quality on Google My Business can help to move the listing up the search results. As we go up the rankings in both categories, we'll be monitoring for an uptick in business movement, whether it's in the form of phone calls, sales, or signup submissions.

      After we've finished with the on-page SEO, we'll move on to the conversion optimization process. Is our website designed in such a way that it provides the information that the searcher seeks? Any information that leads to a searcher being satisfied with what they see and proceeding to purchase something or go on to whatever else is a great result for that person, a good result for Google, as well as a good result for us. We aim to give individuals the best solution to their problem as soon as possible, whether that is an address, a phone number, and email address, the opportunity to chat, or the ability to visit our Hot Dog stand and purchase a hot dog.

      Baidu's Off-Page SEO Initiative for Keywords

      After conducting on-page optimization, we then look at off-page optimization, which is the way other sites talk about you and your company. As Google founders Page and Brinn were reading papers and noticed that most of them concluded with citations, they knew they had discovered the most ancient ranking criteria in the world. Because someone references another for anything, they reasoned, that person must be competent on the topic or material item in question. As a result of this, the notions of backlink value, as well as its weight, were established.

      Acquiring backlinks is still important in 2019, despite the fact that they may appear dated. It is necessary to create links with websites and contact website owners who are relevant to your expertise through LinkedIn or direct email. A small number of persons writing about you and using the term "Baidu SEO Consultant" or including your keyword when recommending you with a link straight to your site may take some time, but the results might be considerable.

      Receive Top Baidu SEO Services

      As a result, we have the opportunity to work with a wide range of Baidu companies and methods, each of which is designed to help your company accomplish its specific objectives. All offerings are designed to provide quantifiable results, with a particular emphasis on improving the functionality as well as conversion rates of your website, which will allow you to maintain a prominent spot in organic results across all top search engines.

      Technical SEO

      While technical SEO services do not focus solely on the content of your website, they do improve specific technical aspects of your webpage, such as mobile compatibility as well as URL structure, which appear to be two of the biggest variables regarded by search engines whenever determining ranking positions.

      On-Page SEO

      On-Page It is the goal of Baidu SEO solutions to enhance the usability and relevancy of the website of your company in relation to a search query. Specifically, this is achieved through optimizing the visual content as well as HTML source code, which not only makes your site more aesthetically attractive to end-users but also helps to improve your site's search ranking in organic search results.

      Off-Page SEO

      To get a top position in major search engines, it is important to incorporate off-page SEO factors like advertising in social media and then backlinking into your SEO strategy. Since search engines try to provide customers with the best value results possible, they incorporate these variables into the algorithms that are used to determine where websites should appear in search results. Having a good off-page SEO strategic plan will not only enhance the position of your website but will also help you attract new consumers through blog post recommendations and social media references.

      Content Marketing

      It is likely that you have already encountered the term "content is king," which is especially true when it comes to Baidu SEO. Your website's ability to provide frequent, in-depth material is important to increasing your organic search ranking. When it comes to driving traffic to your website, JH SEO will not only assess which phrases and keywords would be most effective, but will also cooperate with a group of writers to create material that engages your readers while organically incorporating your specific target keywords.

      Web Development

      A website with great design would be equally as important as the content on the page in terms of effectiveness. In order to increase traffic as well as to prepare your site for search engine marketing, make sure that your website is easy to use and easily available to your users. If you adhere to SEO best practices, the time consumed by search engines in scanning your site will be more efficient, it can easily index your content and improve your site's ranking for targeted keywords.

      Page Speed Optimization

      In today's fast-paced society, it no longer allows customers to be patient enough to wait when a website loads slowly. The efficiency of your website, in addition to severely influencing the user experience, may also have an influence on your website's position in search engine results. To determine where a site should appear in organic search results, top search engines, like Google, evaluate a site's load time and then contrast it to that of its competitors. Our SEO specialists will do an evaluation of your firm's web site's performance and responsiveness, and they will then delete any components that may be slowing it down further.

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